Affected Vehicles

There are no Ferrari vehicles with an alpha frontal Takata airbag.

For vehicles with a non-alpha frontal Takata airbag that are less than 6 years old, the ACCC has stated that there is no immediate known risk with the airbag but there will be in the future.

For vehicles with a non-alpha frontal Takata airbag that are more than 6 years old, the ACCC has stated that there is a risk of death or serious injury if the vehicle is involved in a collision and the airbag goes off with too much explosive force.

For vehicles with a non-alpha Takata airbag which may have had an airbag replaced following a collision or other incidents may still be faulty. It is important that you contact Ferrari via our designated phone number on 1800 234 392, or through your local Ferrari dealer to arrange to have the airbag checked.

The table below sets out the Ferrari models with affected non-alpha frontal Takata airbag inflators:

Model Model Year Range
California MY 09 - MY 14
458 Italia MY 10 - MY 15
458 Spider MY 10 - MY 15
FF MY 11 - MY 16
F12berlinetta MY 13 - MY 17
California T MY 14 - MY 18
458 Speciale MY 14 - MY 16
458 Speciale A MY 15 - MY 16
488 GTB MY 15 - MY 18
F12tdf MY 16 - MY 17
488 Spider MY 16 - MY 18
GTC4Lusso MY 17 - MY 18

Timing of recall

The recall must be completed by 31 December 2020. Ferrari Australasia will complete the recall in stages over the next year in accordance with Ferrari Australasia's Recall Initiation Schedule here. You can check if and when your vehicle will be recalled using our VIN lookup tool here.



Please note that, if you had your Takata airbag replaced by Ferrari Australasia prior to 1 January 2018, you may require a further replacement to ensure long term safety (Final Remedy). Please use the above "Check my vehicle" tool to determine whether a further replacement is required

Getting your faulty airbag replaced

You can have your faulty frontal Takata airbag replaced at your local Ferrari Dealer or another Authorised Ferrari Service Centre free of charge. You must make an appointment to have your airbag replaced. The replacement will take approximately 5 hours.

Please also let us know if you face any special circumstances that mean it is not possible for you to bring your vehicle to your local Ferrari dealer or another Authorised Ferrari Service Centre, so that we may make appropriate special arrangements for the replacement of your affected Takata airbag.


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